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Quiz: Which of these waters is owned by Nestlé?

Nestlé makes frozen pizza, kitty food, candies and water. Can you spot the Nestlé product?

After Nestlé purchased a local well in an Ontario town, local advocates started calling for a boycott of Nestlé products. Nestlé is using the well to fill bottled water, but activists argue corporations shouldn't have sole control over water resources, especially after a drought this summer in southwestern Ontario

Now, of course, we're not endorsing a boycott. But, just hypothetically, if someone did want to boycott Nestlé products —which we are in no way encouraging you to do (we really can't say that enough)—but if someone did want to, it would be hard to know what to boycott because Nestlé owns so many products.

Test your marketplace know-how with our quiz below.

Which of the brands below are owned by Nestlé?

1. Skittles, Smarties or M&M's?

2. Delissio, McCain or Dr. Oetker frozen pizza?

3. Chapman's, Breyers or Haagen Daaz ice cream?

4. Boost, Ensure or SlimFast meal replacement?

5. Meow Mix, Friskies or Whiskas cat food?

6. San Pellegrino, Perrier or Montclair bottled water?

Hear how Seán Cullen, Barbara Kay, and Aisha Alfa fared with this quiz by clicking on the player above.