Because News

Best of Because News: Rick Mercer, Emma Hunter and Miguel Rivas

Gavin Crawford quizzes Canada's funniest comedians
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If you've got election fatigue, this show is for you. Nothing about Justin, Andrew, Jagmeet, or Elizabeth. Instead, we're quizzing Canada's best comedians on these questions:

  • A Swiss study says napping may lower your risk of heart disease. How many naps should you take to reap the benefits? 
  • Is Strawberry Moose Pie a flavour of ice cream or a flavour of vape juice? 
  • Besides weather, what are two main problems that lead to chaos when climbing Mount Everest?  

Hear what Rick Mercer, Miguel Rivas, Emma Hunter, and Ali Hassan have to say.  

Because News is written and produced by Elizabeth Bowie, David Carroll, Gavin Crawford and Phil Leung.