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Mosquitoes threatens Brazil Olympics

The Summer Olympics are upon us, but it's already causing some serious controversy.

Experts in public health suggest it would be irresponsible for the International Olympic Committee to allow the Games considering the risk of the Zika virus spreading to a global pandemic.

In more scary news, retired footballer and World Cup champion from Brazil urged his four hundred thousand Instagram followers to stay away from the games for fear of violence and crime. 

Can you name this Brazilian soccer icon?

Not all Olympic headlines this week make the skin crawl. Farthest from it, it was announced the world's first Cyborg Olympics will be held in October. Organized by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, the games aim to spur innovation in powered prosthetics.

Can you guess the name of these Cyborg Olympics?

A Canadian team will be competing in October. They'll be taking part in the 'Powered Arm Prosthesis Race', tasked to riveting feats of strength such as slicing bread, opening jars of jam. Take comfort mortals, this is no Judgment Day scenario (... yet).