Back Story

The rise and fall of Stephen Harper: Susan Lunn and the Federal Election, 2015

From his first mandate as Prime Minister to his party’s devastating loss in the last federal election, Susan Lunn gives you an inside look at the rise and fall of Stephen Harper.

He served as Canada's Prime Minister for nearly a decade. In 2006, leading a united right, he formed government. But in the most recent federal election, Stephen Harper's conservatives suffered a devastating loss being reduced to official opposition.

The CBC's Susan Lunn has covered Harper for the last decade. She was there in 2006 when the balloons fell, the confetti rained and Stephen Harper became Prime Minister. And she was there in 2015 when it all came to an end. 

This is Susan's Back Story.

Stephen Harper, his wife Laureen and children Ben and Rachel celebrate his 2006 minority government win in Calgary. (Reuters)