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Inside the Munich Massacre: Byron MacDonald and the 1972 Olympics.

Inside the Munich Massacre and one of the worst terrorist attacks in Olympic history.
Ankie Spitzer, widow of the Israeli fencing coach, Andre Spitzer, who was among the dead in the September 5th attack, surveys the room where the incident occurred at Munich's Olympic Village.

The 1972 Munich Olympics were the first games in post-Nazi Germany

They were dubbed "The Happy Games", but would ultimately be tied to the Munich Massacre and linked to one of the worst acts of terrorism in Olympic history.

Canadian swimmer Byron MacDonald was competing at those games and at the time didn't realize how close he'd come to danger.

This is Bryon's Back Story "Inside the Munich Massacre".

The two West German police helicopters that carried armed terrorists and their nine Israeli Olympian hostages, stand at Fuerstenfeldbruck air force base about 20 miles west of Munich, Germany. The helicopter in foreground is a burned out shell as a result of a hand grenade explosion set off by one of the terrorists apparently committing suicide rather than risking capture in the evening of Sept. 5. (AP Photo/File)
6th September 1972: The Olympic flag flies at half-mast in the Olympic Stadium in Munich during the memorial service for the Israeli athletes who were killed by Arab terrorists the previous day, Sept. 6, 1972. (Keystone/Getty Images)