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2 fugitives tied to targeted murders among 4 B.C. men found dead in mysterious Ont. plane crash

Two fugitives who were accused in gang murders and had outstanding warrants for their arrests were among four B.C. men found dead, and now identified, after a mysterious small plane crash in a remote part of northwestern Ontario.

B.C. teen beaten unconscious feared return to school but says friends and counsellors helped

Janice Xie, 14,  says she was attacked and beaten unconscious in a school corridor by a 17-year-old student who left her with head injuries and fearful of returning to her Richmond, B.C., high school.

Indigenous parents push for birth registries to allow their languages' special characters, accents

A growing chorus of Indigenous parents want provincial and territorial authorities to allow them to register Indigenous names for their children — with all the special characters, syllabics, accents, numeric or other non-English or French symbols used by some Indigenous languages.

Spring brings big honkin' mess of Canada geese — and calls for smarter population control

As some of the seven million estimated Canada geese head north for spring, the noisy honkers will soon crowd parks, paths and paddling zones. It’s a booming time of year for wildlife control workers who use everything from dogs to hawks to try to herd geese away from people's havens.

Ambassador Bridge owner wants to mend relations with Canada in wake of blockade

Ambassador Bridge owner Matthew Moroun says that in the wake of last month's blockade of the vital trade artery it's more important than ever to heal old rifts in Windsor, a city that's wary of his business tactics after decades of dealing with his combative father, Manuel "Matty" Moroun.

Why economists say it's a bad idea to rely on a privately owned bridge for 25% of Canada's trade with U.S.

When the Ambassador Bridge — a key trade corridor between Windsor, Ont., and Detroit, Mich., — was gridlocked by protests earlier this month, it exposed a weak link in Canada's supply chain. Experts of all stripes agree it's risky for Canada to rely so much on a 92-year-old privately owned bridge.

Sarah Polley breaks silence about traumatic encounter with Jian Ghomeshi

On screen, actor Sarah Polley was often cast as the fierce protagonist veering straight into peril, whether it was an oncoming bus or some sort of explosion. Off screen, however, she says she feared confronting certain things, including a traumatic experience with former CBC radio personality Jian Ghomeshi.

Concord Pacific loses appeal against deal involving ex-business partner and former Expo Lands

The B.C. Court of Appeal has dismissed Concord Pacific's bid to overturn a trial decision that led to a court-ordered award of millions of dollars to Singapore-based billionaire Hong Leong Oei.

B.C.'s heli-ski industry under pressure from Omicron despite COVID-19 testing, precautions

B.C.'s $300-million per year heli-ski industry had ramped up in December to meet growing foreign demand, but a surge in COVID-19 cases is bringing some operations to a halt.

21-day Trans Mountain shutdown shows vulnerability of B.C. fuel supply, chief pipeline engineer says

After the longest shutdown in its 70-year history, the Trans Mountain pipeline restarted Sunday, but won't be at full capacity or pressure until January, according to engineers.