Yvette Brend

CBC journalist

Yvette Brend works in Vancouver on all CBC platforms. Her investigative work has spanned floods, fires, cryptocurrency deaths, police shootings and infection control in hospitals. “My husband came home a stranger,” an intimate look at PTSD, won CBC's first Jack Webster City Mike Award (2017). Got a tip? Yvette.Brend@cbc.ca

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What is stiff-person syndrome?

A rare neurological disorder that affects about one or two people per million is in the spotlight in the wake of an emotional social media post by pop star Céline Dion, who described her challenges with stiff-person syndrome.

Transgender Irish teen given chance to argue risks of his deportation after family speaks out

The Canada Border Services Agency has invited a transgender teen to apply for a risk assessment before he is removed from the country. This comes after the 19-year-old's family — trapped for 21 months in an immigration limbo — began a legal fight to stop Canada from deporting the young man to Ireland, where he faced stigma and bullying.

Chemist, artist, activist: Meet Canada's first trans woman Rhodes Scholar

Canada's first trans woman named a Rhodes scholar — Julia Levy — says she knows that 19th-century diamond magnate Cecil Rhodes would probably disapprove. But she's off to pursue a master's degree in computational chemistry at the University of Oxford next fall and sees it as a huge "opportunity."

Transgender Irish teen's family fights to stay in Canada, trapped in 21-month immigration limbo

An Irish family of five says they are desperate to stop Canada from deporting their transgender teen, all while fighting to extricate themselves from a complex immigration limbo.

Beware kitten and puppy scams, as pandemic leads to spike in pet ripoffs

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre says 507 victims lost $701,175.59 to pet scams in 2021. The CAFC also says only about five per cent of frauds are reported.

People pour love on brewery owned by family of veteran who took down Colorado Springs shooter

Richard Fierro is one of two people police are crediting with saving lives by subduing a person armed with multiple firearms, including an AR-15-style semiautomatic rifle, who went on a shooting rampage Saturday night at Club Q. Now the army vet who sprung into action is a target for "Mucho Mucho Amor," just like his T-shirts say.

How climate change has helped greener energy businesses take off in Canada

Many businesses have been hit hard in the last few years by everything from the pandemic to the war in Ukraine and climate change. For some, climate change has been a boon, in part due to government grants meant to increase energy efficiency as Canada aims for net-zero emissions by 2050.

Celebs like Tom Brady, Larry David did ads for crypto giant FTX. Now they're getting sued

At its peak, crypto giant FTX was so big it attracted celebrities like quarterback Tom Brady and actor Larry David to promote its brand. Now its collapse is shining a critical light on the industry — and pulling the stars into a lawsuit, too. 

Canada's health-care system has a data problem, experts say. And it puts patients at risk

A review of Greg Price's death found missed faxes, follow-ups and botched data-sharing ultimately cost the 31-year-old his life. A decade later, medical front-line staff in Canada say problems persist when it comes to sharing everything from patient information to aggregate medical and staffing data. 

He was hailed as crypto's saviour. Now he needs billions for a bailout

Last week, billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried was touted as a key figure in cryptocurrency — even a saviour. Today, amid a series of tweets, he blamed himself for the crash of his FTX exchange after it bled billions of dollars overnight.