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Sheena Goodyear is a web journalist with CBC Radio's As It Happens in Toronto. She is equally comfortable tackling complex and emotionally difficult stories that hold truth to power, or spinning quirky yarns about the weird and wonderful things people get up to all over the world. She has a particular passion for highlighting stories from LGBTQ communities. Originally from Newfoundland and Labrador, her work has appeared on CBC News, Sun Media, the Globe & Mail, the Toronto Star, VICE News and more. You can reach her at

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As It Happens

'It was my moment,' says wrestler who won Nunavut's 1st Canada Summer Games gold

When Eekeeluak Avalak won Nunavut’s first gold medal at the Canada Summer Games, he says he channeled strength from his coach, his family, his territory and his ancestors.

Her hometown is burning, but this French journalist stayed behind to help

As a monstrous wildfire rages in her hometown, Louna Lavergne is pulling double duty. As a journalist, she’s making sure residents who fled the flames are kept up to date about the situation on the ground. And as a volunteer, she’s helping make sure the firefighters are well-fed and well-hydrated as they battle the flames.
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Nunavut's 1st beach volleyball team hits the sand at the Summer Games

Nunavut has sent its first-ever beach volleyball team to the Canada Summer Games in Niagara, Ont. Player Ian McDonald says they're like the Jamaican bobsled team from Cool Runnings, but in reverse.
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Hospitals are under 'unprecedented' strain from staff shortages, says Ontario Health VP

The problems plaguing Ontario’s health-care system have been around for a long time, but each wave of the COVID-19 pandemic makes it worse, says Dr. Chris Simpson.
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This ancient sea beast probably lived in freshwater — but it's not the Loch Ness monster

Some massive, carnivorous reptiles from the age of the dinosaur likely lived in rivers and lakes, new research suggests — but that doesn’t mean the Loch Ness monster is a plesiosaur.
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A lot of restaurants claim to be wheelchair accessible. This reviewer puts it to the test

Toronto entrepreneur Taylor Lindsay-Noel is making waves with her TikTok reviews that rate restaurants on wheelchair accessibility.
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2 years after the Beirut blast, the youngest victim's parents are still fighting for justice

Two years have passed since Paul and Tracy Naggear lost their three-year-old daughter in the Beirut explosion, and it hasn’t gotten any easier.
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As Russia cuts gas to Germany, Hanover residents forced to take cold showers

People in Hanover, Germany, are stuck with cold showers and reduced heat in city buildings as Russia continues to cut its gas supply to Europe.
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San Francisco couple gets parking ticket after city paints a red zone around their car

Desiree and Jeff Jolly were fined $108 US for parking in a red zone, a no-parking spaces usually marked by a line of red paint on the curb. But when they parked their car, there was no red paint there.
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Scientists find 39 potential new deep-sea creatures. And that's just the tip of the iceberg

Scientists from the U.K.'s Museum of Natural History have documented nearly 40 species of deep-sea creatures believed to be new to science, including sea cucumbers, star fish, corals and sponges.