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Paul Hantiuk is a producer with CBC News in Toronto.

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This teen worries N.B.'s gender identity policy change started a chain reaction

Sade London, a non-binary high school student, worries New Brunswick's Policy 713 changes started a ‘chain reaction’ across Canada as Saskatchewan makes similar move and Ontario's education minister signals agreement.

Why playing his father in The Shark is Broken was an 'affectionate dance' for Ian Shaw

Legendary actor Robert Shaw’s son Ian plays his old man in The Shark is Broken, which opened this month on Broadway.

Why period-proof kits could be a 'story within a story' at Women's World Cup

Even though Canada was eliminated from the Women’s World Cup, the CEO of Canadian Women and Sport says the debut of Nike’s period-proof kits for players on the Canadian team is a big step in normalizing discussions around menstruation in athletics.

This driver says gunshots went off near her on the highway. She still feels anxiety on the road

The fallout from driving accidents can last for years, according to an occupational therapist who specializes in helping driver’s rehabilitate their confidence on the road.

What are the pitfalls when therapy-speak seeps into our everyday lives?

Jonah Hill and Sarah Brady’s alleged text exchanges have stirred a debate about the potential harm caused when language designed for a therapeutic gets thrown around in interpersonal relationships.

She says her Zoom layoff was short and cruel. Why virtual layoffs still lack etiquette

The norms of laying off remote workers through virtual communication platforms like Zoom are still a work in progress, according to experts, but there are several ways to improve a process some say can be “inhuman.”

How wildfires can have a devastating, long-term impact on nearby water supplies

Canada is in the midst of an “unprecedented” wildfire season and experts say the escalating severity of the fires poses a compound threat to water supplies in their vicinity.

This Kentucky state senator is calling out anti-trans legislation after her son died by suicide

Kentucky Sen. Dr. Karen Berg talks to Brent Bambury about why she ran for office and why she feels the argument that anti-trans laws protect children is a way of masking the harm done.

Some insurers stop covering California homes over costs linked to wildfires. Is Canada next?

The threat of wildfires in Canada doesn’t yet have home insurers balking like some are in California, but Craig Stewart, a vice-president with the Insurance Bureau of Canada, points to concerning trends for Canadian homeowners who need insurance in areas at risk for disaster.

Long-term trauma for natural disaster evacuees part of uncounted climate costs

Experts say the longview economic costs associated with supporting those impacted by natural disasters, including their mental health, are just beginning to be captured and Canada’s decentralized response to disasters is falling short.