Mouhamad Rachini


Mouhamad Rachini is a Canadian-Lebanese writer and producer for CBC Radio's digital team. He's worked for several CBC Radio shows including The Current, Day 6 and Cross Country Checkup. He's particularly passionate about stories from Muslim and Middle Eastern communities. He also writes about soccer on his website Between the Sticks. You can reach him at

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New book revisits 1960s art fraud that stained Canada's art scene with forgeries

The Canadian art fraud case captured national media attention from 1962 to 1964, and culminated in a dramatic Toronto court case that saw Haynes Art Gallery owner Leslie W. Lewis and art dealer Neil Sharkey convicted of fraud and sentenced to prison. 

From smell kits to a nose implant, how researchers are trying to help anosmics regain their sense of smell

COVID-19 has shone a brighter light on loss of smell, but some Canadians, like Kerri Wall, lost their sense of smell well before the pandemic.

Why Brazil's lead climate negotiator walked out of COP15 biodiversity talks

Brazil led a walkout from COP15 negotiations earlier this week. It's since returned to the table, but Leonardo Cleaver de Athayde, Brazil's lead climate negotiator, says it's yet to see counterproposals that address the concerns of developing nations.

ChatGPT a 'landmark event' for AI, but what does it mean for the future of human labour and disinformation?

More than a million people have tried out ChatGPT, a new online artificial intelligence tool trained to mimic human responses. It can respond to questions, craft poems or plays, and even write the introduction to a radio show.

This Canadian pilot project is helping newcomers learn English through the power of VR

Educators at the University of Toronto Mississauga are using virtual reality to help immigrants and refugees to Canada learn English as a second language.

Businesses must start 'walking the talk' after making net-zero pledges, says Catherine McKenna

Catherine McKenna, Canada's former minister of the environment and climate change, says some businesses are working hard to meet their net-zero pledges — but for those that aren't, they have to start backing up their talk.

A genetic disease killed Ayla's sisters. A first-of-its-kind treatment is helping her survive

Thanks to an in-utero treatment that's never been done before, Ottawa's Ayla Bashir is developing at a rate expected of the average 17-month-old infant — even while dealing with Pompe disease, a genetic disorder that killed two of her sisters.

Italy refuses to allow some migrants rescued in Mediterranean Sea to disembark ships, says charity group

Italy’s new far-right government has stopped hundreds of migrants and asylum seekers from coming ashore in Sicily, keeping them on the charity-run ships that rescued them at sea.

2 Black radio hosts now own the 'White Lives Matter' trademark. Here's how they'll use it

Two Phoenix-based Black radio hosts, Ramses Ja and Quinton Ward, now own the trademark to the phrase "White Lives Matter." Here's how they want to use a saying associated with white supremacists as a force for good.

'I'm not the only victim': Why these African climate activists will be in Egypt for COP27

Climate activists Nyombi Morris and Abigael Kima will be attending COP27 in the hopes of sharing their stories with a global audience — and demanding change.