Michael Enright

Columnist and host

Michael Enright is the former host of The Sunday Edition on CBC Radio One. During his long career as a journalist, he has hosted other CBC Radio flagship shows, including This Country in the Morning, As It Happens, Rewind and This Morning. He is the recipient of three honorary doctorates and the Order of Canada.

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There's a thin line between remembrance and glorification, says Michael Enright

Five of Michael Enright’s uncles fought in the First World War, but he won’t wear a poppy.
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Why Michael Enright does some of his best thinking in cemeteries

‘Models of quietude,’ these final resting places remind us of human impermanence and the lives of those who came before us, says Michael Enright.
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Michael Enright on why October is 'the queen of months'

It is the autumnal time between the T-shirt and the parka. Between the gin and tonic and the scotch and soda. October maintains some of the languor of summer as a countervail to the oncoming nasty winds and rainy days of November.
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Michael Enright on what the Summit Series meant to Canadians 50 years ago

Michael Enright remembers the early days of his hockey fandom, the '72 Summit Series, and reflects on the recent Hockey Canada sex assault scandal that's been overshadowing celebrations of the historic win over the Soviet Union 50 years ago.
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The war against noise goes back centuries, but Michael Enright argues it's never been worse than now

According to the World Health Organization, noise pollution is second in harm to humans just behind air pollution. A new book sets out to clinically examine our increasingly noisy world and plots a way to find its opposite — silence.
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As the Calgary Stampede gets underway, Michael Enright recounts how he learned to love and ride horses

Michael Enright reflects on the history of the Calgary Stampede, and the riding accident that left him dismounted for more than a year.
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Pomp, ceremony and a whole lot of standing around when the Queen came to town

As Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee celebrates her 70 years on the throne, Michael Enright reflects on covering her 1976 tour in Canada.
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Amid uncertainty and fear, finding hope and magic in spring

Spring reaches deep into our souls, offering hope and magic in a world filled with so much uncertainty and fear, Michael Enright writes.
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Michael Enright grew up idolizing guns but a neighbour's break-in changed his mind

Following school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, former Sunday Edition host recalls his own reckoning with guns.

Clinton needs Bernie or Busters behind her if she's going to make more history: Michael Enright

Bernie Sanders did his part Monday night, telling his passionate supporters at the Democratic National Convention: "Hillary Clinton must become the next president of the United States." But many of his devotees don't seem convinced. Clinton has a big task in front of her as she tries to win them over. It starts in earnest with her speech Thursday night.