Jonathan Ore


Jonathan Ore is a writer and editor for CBC Radio Digital in Toronto. He regularly covers the video games industry for CBC Radio programs across the country and has also covered arts & entertainment, technology and the games industry for CBC News.

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From Parliament to Broadway, finding your authentic voice is a 'dance between strength and warmth'

As a teenager, Samara Bay would speak with a tone lower than her natural voice in an attempt for people around her to take her more seriously. For a time, she said, it worked. But eventually, it caused real damage.

Why video games like Horizon: Forbidden West still face challenges with Indigenous representation

Indigenous gamers and developers have expressed disappointment over what they call stereotypical portrayals of Indigenous characters and imagery in video games — a medium where representation is rare, both behind and in front of the screen.

Here are some of the best video games of 2021

People have been playing video games more than ever thanks to the pandemic, even if the new Xbox and PlayStation consoles remain hard to find. Here are some of the best to come out in 2021.

Cross Country Checkup's summer guest host lineup

With Duncan McCue taking a well-deserved summer break from Checkup, here's a list of our guest hosts for the program over the next few weeks.

From breakup to 'fake-up': How a changing Yukon River is reshaping an age-old ice bridge

During the winter, residents of Dawson City use an ice bridge to connect the communities on either side of the Yukon River. But the river hasn't been freezing like it used to, threatening to cut off an already-isolated West Dawson from the rest of the community.

How compassion club founder Hilary Black changed the course of cannabis law in Canada

Hilary Black started out distributing cannabis in Vancouver with a mountain bike and a backpack stuffed with joints. Since then, she's helped set the blueprint for medical cannabis distribution and advocated for legislation in front of a Senate committee.

'Education is key': Toronto university makes 'Dreamers' program permanent

York University, in collaboration with the Toronto-based FCJ Refugee Centre, is expanding a program that began last year to allow students with precarious immigration status to register for a university degree program.

How Uncover: Escaping NXIVM offers an unprecedented look inside an alleged cult

Co-producers Josh Bloch and Kathleen Goldhar about the chance meeting that sparked the podcast in the first place, and what groups like NXIVM have in common with other controversial or cult-like organizations.

How Other People's Problems invites audiences into (normally) private therapy sessions

CBC's new podcast opens the doors to real life therapy, with a real life therapist, to demystify the discourse surrounding mental health.

'A community of widows': How African-Nova Scotians are confronting a history of environmental racism

‘A community of widows’: How African-Nova Scotians are confronting a history of environmental racism