Jonathan Ore

Senior Writer

Jonathan Ore is the Senior Writer for CBC Radio Digital in Toronto. He's also covered arts & entertainment, technology and the video game industry for CBC News. You can find him on Twitter @Jon_Ore.

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Cross Country Checkup's summer guest host lineup

With Duncan McCue taking a well-deserved summer break from Checkup, here's a list of our guest hosts for the program over the next few weeks.

From breakup to 'fake-up': How a changing Yukon River is reshaping an age-old ice bridge

During the winter, residents of Dawson City use an ice bridge to connect the communities on either side of the Yukon River. But the river hasn't been freezing like it used to, threatening to cut off an already-isolated West Dawson from the rest of the community.

How compassion club founder Hilary Black changed the course of cannabis law in Canada

Hilary Black started out distributing cannabis in Vancouver with a mountain bike and a backpack stuffed with joints. Since then, she's helped set the blueprint for medical cannabis distribution and advocated for legislation in front of a Senate committee.

How Uncover: Escaping NXIVM offers an unprecedented look inside an alleged cult

Co-producers Josh Bloch and Kathleen Goldhar about the chance meeting that sparked the podcast in the first place, and what groups like NXIVM have in common with other controversial or cult-like organizations.

How Other People's Problems invites audiences into (normally) private therapy sessions

CBC's new podcast opens the doors to real life therapy, with a real life therapist, to demystify the discourse surrounding mental health.

'A community of widows': How African-Nova Scotians are confronting a history of environmental racism

‘A community of widows’: How African-Nova Scotians are confronting a history of environmental racism

'You don't belong here': Integrating Indigenous 'cultural humility' into health care

"I worked in a system where systemic racism was the norm," says Dr. Shannon McDonald.

'Some of them would like to see me dead': Activist slams reluctance to confront Islamophobia in Quebec

"They are calling for me to leave Quebec or even to be thrown out of Quebec."

Cuphead is a made-in-Canada tribute to animation's golden age

Drawing inspiration from surrealist cartoons and big-band jazz of the 1930s, Cuphead is unlike any other video game out right now.

Is playing video games on YouTube a copyright infringement? No one wants to find out

Are gamers who post videos of themselves playing on YouTube violating copyright laws? If this issue ever goes to court, it could change the landscape of YouTube and Let's Play culture forever, writes Jonathan Ore.