Jason Vermes


Jason Vermes is a writer and editor for CBC Radio Digital, originally from Nova Scotia and currently based in Toronto. He frequently covers topics related to the LGBTQ community and previously reported on disability and accessibility. He has also worked as an online writer and producer for CBC Radio Day 6 and Cross Country Checkup. You can reach him at jason.vermes@cbc.ca.

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Where did these holes in the ocean floor come from? 'Nobody knows,' says scientist

Mysterious, nearly symmetrical holes have been discovered deep in the ocean — and scientists are stumped about their origin. The small, oblong cavities are spaced about 10 centimetres apart and repeat, in some cases, for several metres.

Langley homeless community 'living in fear' after deadly shooting, says advocate

Advocates say a series of shootings in Langley, B.C., Monday morning have sent ripples across the community of people experiencing homelessness in that city.

Texas cities are directing police to not enforce state abortion laws. Will it work?

Local governments in two Texas cities have voted in favour of directing police to depriortize the enforcement of abortion-related crimes under state law. Advocates say the approach would effectively decriminalize abortions, but experts say it won't protect from state-level enforcement.

Called out for wearing a mask? You're not alone. What may be driving this kind of pandemic aggression

As masking in public places shifts from being a requirement to a recommendation, experts say an uptick in negative comments directed toward those wearing face coverings may be part of a larger trend of increased aggression — such as air rage and domestic violence — during the pandemic.

Long a star in Australia, musician Delta Goodrem is on a 'mission' to entertain us all

Despite previous album releases in Canada and the U.S., Australian singer-songwriter Delta Goodrem’s music has largely flown under the radar in North America. Now, she's opening for the Backstreet Boys.

Nickel mining is key for electric vehicles. Experts say the industry can be greener

As the world moves toward renewable sources of energy, demand for nickel is growing, but mining it has significant environmental impacts. Analysts say the mining industry is moving to reduce its negative impacts.

Dragonflies are 'canaries in the coal mine' for wetland loss. Scientists want your help to track them

To better understand habitat losses in Canada — and prevent the loss of dragonfly species in the future — Ducks Unlimited Canada is calling on citizen scientists to report dragonfly sightings in their neck of the woods.

Bright green books from the 19th century may contain a hidden danger — arsenic

Emerald green, a verdant hue popular during the Victorian era, featured in everything from wallpaper to confections. Now, experts are warning about the pigment painted onto some books of the period.

Canadian cities are legalizing alcohol in parks. Some are celebrating, others worry it's a slippery slope

Calls to loosen rules around drinking alcohol in public spaces have increased in recent years, spurred in part by the COVID-19 pandemic making it necessary to gather outdoors.

Leaked photos of Uyghurs interned at Xinjiang detention centres 'devastating,' says activist

Uyghurs living outside of China say a recently published trove of documents and photos from inside the country's secretive mass incarceration system in Xinjiang have left them feeling 'helpless.'