Andrea Bellemare


Andrea Bellemare is a reporter and producer with CBC Radio. She helped launch the new CBC Kitchener-Waterloo radio station in 2013 and worked as a producer there for half a decade, reported for CBC Montreal, produced radio documentaries for CBC Radio and covered disinformation for CBC News. She has also reported for the wire service Agence France-Presse.

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'The fault doesn't lie with us': Women shouldn't bear burden of preventing attacks, says runner

Women shouldn't be afraid to go for a run and the onus isn't on them to avoid being a target, said American runner Melissa Sullivan.

Huge sea lion tries to jump into B.C.'s couple's boat and nearly capsizes it

A B.C. couple got a fright on Monday when a frantic sea lion tried to jump into their small fishing boat to get away from a pod of orca whales.
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Queen Elizabeth was a style icon and used her clothing to send a message: author

Queen Elizabeth embraced fashion and used it send a powerful message, according to an author of a book on royal style.
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California gripped by a record-breaking heat wave, wildfires — and up next, a hurricane

This week, the state of California is experience record-breaking heat, wildfires and could even see flash flooding on the weekend due to a hurricane.

Divers confirm location of wreck of WW II airplane in Newfoundland lake

A team of divers confirmed on Monday the underwater location of a World War II airplane that crashed into a Newfoundland lake in 1943. 

Warnings over condition of Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia power plant should be taken seriously, says nuclear expert

The international community should take the warnings about the physical condition of Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant seriously, said a former official with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Joan Jett avoided acoustic music her whole career — until her latest album

Joan Jett is hitting the road again the summer as part of a massive tour. But what might come as a surprise is her latest album, Changeup, which features acoustic versions of hits like Bad Reputation and Cherry Bomb.

No land? No loan. Why it can be hard to borrow money from a bank if you live on reserve

It can be much harder for First Nations people living on reserve to get a bank loan. Because they don't legally own the land they live on, they can't use it as collateral.

Buying a mobile home was the best financial decision his family made — just don't call it a trailer

Buying a mobile home and moving into a community in Calgary has made Stephan Gardner’s life measurably better, especially from a financial perspective. But don't call it a trailer park, says one advocate.

This longtime NRA member gave up his AR-15 rifle after Uvalde shooting

Richard Small has been a member of the National Rifle Association for over 25 years. In the aftermath of the shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, he decided to turn in his AR-15 rifle to police.