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Althea Manasan is a digital producer based in Toronto. She creates online content including videos and artwork for CBC Radio's national news and current affairs shows. Outside of CBC, she directs short films, including documentaries. You can reach her at

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1 year into war, Ukrainians turn to music for strength to keep fighting

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine reaches the one-year mark, music has been a source of strength for Ukrainians both at home and around the world. Bands like Gogol Bordello and Love’n’Joy are among many musicians using their talents to boost morale in the war effort.

Tobacco companies now have to pay to clean up cigarette butts in Spain. Some want Canada to go further

Tobacco companies will now have to foot the bill to clean up discarded cigarette butts in Spain, after new regulations came into effect Friday. Advocates in Canada are hoping to see similar legislation — and more.

The reign of big butts may be ending, but experts say our obsession is worrying

Our cultural obsession with the derriere, both large and small, goes back centuries and can tell us a lot about our relationship with gender, race and bodies, according to author Heather Radke.

Filipino survivors of martial law still haunted by abuses 50 years after declaration

Fifty years after the declaration of martial law in the Philippines, survivors and activists in the country and around the world are commemorating what’s widely considered to be a dark chapter in the country’s history.

This man had a song from his childhood stuck in his head. So he spent a year tracking it down

Driven by a ‘bad case of nostalgia,’ Jordan Verner embarked on a quest to find an obscure series of cassette tapes that he first listened to in his elementary school French class in Thunder Bay, Ont., in the 1990s.

Post-Ebola Syndrome: Survivors continue to face mystery symptoms

Six months after the Ebola virus ravaged West Africa and dominated headlines around the world, experts are facing another challenge: thousands of survivors are now experiencing a mysterious set of symptoms persisting long after their recovery, including vision loss and joint and muscle pain.

Military sexual misconduct: Is there any hope for real change?

Comments this week from Canada’s top general have left some wondering whether military attitudes about sexual harassment can really be changed.

MERS outbreak: 3 lessons Canada learned from SARS

As South Korea faces an outbreak of Middle East respiratory syndrome, or MERS, Canadian health officials are staying vigilant in case the virus makes it inside our borders.

New seasonal allergy treatments offer some hope

Fortunately for allergy sufferers across the country, there is hope. Scientists are constantly working on new treatments, some of which could change the way we manage allergies and possibly even pave the way for a vaccine.

Eugene Melnyk, Wagner twins raise crucial awareness for organ donation

Advocates say that high-profile transplant cases, like the Wagner twins or Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk, are a boost to organ donations, raising awareness and potentially encouraging others to become donors.