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Canada may take 'additional measures' against China over national security law: Champagne

Canada may take further measures against China on top of suspending its extradition treaty with Hong Kong, says Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne

What it's like to be a Black ornithology professor cycling across the U.S. right now

When Harvard ornithology professor Scott Edwards first started planning his cross-country bicycle tour, the world felt like a different place.

How a Canadian diver helped discover underwater evidence of ancient mining

A Canadian diver who co-discovered one of the oldest known ochre mines in the Americas in an underwater cave says he and his expedition partner knew immediately that they'd stumbled upon something incredible.

As It Happens: The Friday Edition

July 3, 2020

C is for carrots? That time As It Happens interviewed the Cookie Monster about his new diet

The first episode of As It Happened: The Archive Edition is all about food. Whether it's a carrot cookie, a King Kong-sized mound of chopped liver, or a slice of belly button cheese — you're sure to find something to whet your appetite.

Why this natural stylist is celebrating a new Virginia law that bans hair discrimination

Hair stylist Carmen Davis says she hopes a new anti-discrimination law passed in Virginia will help her Black customers stand up for themselves and their natural hair. 

Man falls through floor of Connecticut home into hidden 19th-century well

Chris Town was helping a friend move into her new home when he suddenly fell through the floorboards and into the cold, dark waters of a 19th-century well.

Canada's year to score the Stanley Cup? Former Leafs star Wendel Clark is hopeful

Former Toronto Maple Leafs captain Wendel Clark is expressing hope this could be Canada’s year to win the Stanley Cup as reports swirl that Toronto and Edmonton will play host to the much-anticipated return of NHL hockey.

'Hong Kong people will fight on,' councillor says after national security law arrests

It's become much more dangerous to advocate for democracy and independence in Hong Kong — but Coun. Lo Kin-hei says people won't give up fighting for their rights. 

As It Happens: The Thursday Edition

July 2, 2020

Why outdoor apparel brand Arc'teryx is pulling its ads from Facebook this month

A growing number of Canadian brands are joining an ad boycott of Facebook over hate-speech. Arc'teryx executive George Weetman tells us why the outdoor apparel brand is demanding changes before it rejoins the social media platform next month.

That time a beaver visited As It Happens

A beaver visited the As It Happens studio on Dec. 23, 1974 — and peed all over co-host Al Maitland.

As It Happens: The Wednesday Edition

July 1, 2020

Carl Reiner was 'born with a sense of humour,' says The Jerk co-writer

Carl Reiner didn't have "a mean-spirited bone in his body" — which is no easy feat in show business, says a colleague and family friend.

Elijah McClain family lawyer says 'every Black life that is snuffed out' by police deserves attention

The lawyer representing the family of Eljiah McClain — a 23-year-old Black man who died last year after Colorado police put him in a chokehold — says it's a "tragedy" that it has taken the death of George Floyd, among others, to bring attention to McClain's case.

This former U.S. health insurance exec says he lied to Americans about Canadian health care

Wendell Potter says the stark differences in how Canada and the U.S. are weathering the COVID-19 pandemic compelled him to speak out again about the lies he says he peddled to Americans when he worked as a private insurance executive.

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

June 30, 2020

How one of the U.K.'s tiniest pubs plans to cope with new physical distancing rules

The cozy nature of a U.K. bar that once held the Guinness World Record for tiniest pub in the U.K. is now doing more to hurt the business than help it as the government loosens pandemic restrictions.

Dolphins are teaching each other how to use shells to catch and eat fish

The first time Sonja Wild saw a dolphin using an empty seashell to scoop an unwitting fish into its mouth, she got so excited she almost forgot to photograph it.

As It Happens: Monday Edition

June 29, 2020

Wayne Ngan — B.C. ceramics artist whose 'whole life is an art project' — has died

Wayne Ngan saw the whole world as a work of art and drew inspiration from the natural beauty around him, says his daughter Gailan Ngan.

Uber driver hopes Supreme Court ruling will help change labour laws for gig workers

Earla Phillips says many Uber drivers have experience unfair labour practices and she hopes the recent ruling by Canada's top court will make way for changes to labour laws.

How Ken Dryden turned Scotty Bowman into an NHL coach again

In Scotty: A Hockey Life Like No Other, goalie-turned-author Ken Dryden asks his former coach Scotty Bowman to pick the eight best NHL teams of all time — during their best seasons — and pit them against each other in a hypothetical play-off series.

As It Happens: Friday Edition

June 26, 2020

How a photographer secretly documented the darkest moments of China's Cultural Revolution

Li Zhensheng — a photographer who lived a double life during China's Cultural Revolution — has died at the age of 79.