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NYC woman 'ecstatic' as judge orders 20 floors cut from already built condo

A New York judge has ordered the developers of a controversial 52-storey condo project to lop 20 floors off their nearly completed building. That's after community members complained that it was built with a loophole in the zoning codes.

'This is our everyday Mexico': Brutal murders of woman and girl fuel mass protests

The gruesome murders of a woman and a young girl have pushed Mexicans into the streets, with protesters criticizing the government for inaction on violence against women. 

WW I helmet provides better overhead blast protection than modern version, study shows

A study finds that France's First World War military helmets better protect against overhead shock waves from explosions than their modern American counterparts.

As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, February 21, 2020

German politicians 'did nothing' to curb hate that motivated shisha bar attacks, says Kurdish organizer

A gunman police say was motivated by racism killed nine people after shooting up two hookah bars in a West Germany town. Leyla Acar works with a group that represents the Kurdish diaspora and has been comforting two Kurdish families, who lost their sons.

She was bullied for her love of bugs. Now, this 11-year-old has written a picture book about it

When she was in Grade 1, Sophia Spencer was bullied for her love of bugs and decided to set her passion aside. But after her mother wrote to a group of entomologists for support, Sophia became an unexpected internet sensation. Now, she's sharing her story — and her love of bugs — in the picture book, The Bug Girl.

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Shooting of two Ontario tow truck drivers brings fears of escalating turf wars

The tow truck industry in Southern Ontario has been mired in violence for the past 18 months.

Tech reporter stranded after driving out of cellphone range in app-powered smart car

California-based technology reporter Kari Paul and her partner were left stranded in the woods when their rental app-powered smart car lost connection to their cellphones and shut down.

Former boy scout says U.S. bankruptcy filing 'only the very beginning' for victims

Robbie Pierce says he was abused by a Boy Scouts of America employee in 1994. Now, he's hopeful that the organization's bankruptcy filing could facilitate justice for him and other claimants.

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Thursday, February 19, 2020

Hudson Bay founder Pierre-Esprit Radisson was 'Forrest Gump' of his time

Pierre-Esprit Radisson played a vital role in the creation of the Hudson Bay Company but according to author Mark Bourrie, the 17th century explorer was more hustler than hero.

Diamond Cruise passenger starts 2nd quarantine in California after tense trip

After nearly two weeks quarantined on the Diamond Princess Cruise ship, a six hour bus ride and a tense overseas flight, Spencer Fehrenbacher is finally back on U.S. soil. 

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Violinist gives long-distance lessons to teenager in coronavirus lockdown

Kevin Tang was having a hard time cooped up at home in Chengdu, southwest China. His violin teacher, acclaimed violinist Anthea Kreston, assigned him difficult concerto on a tight timeline to take his mind off things.

Edmonton diner adds carbon footprint info to menu — and red meat is the worst offender

Highlevel Diner has teamed up with an Edmonton non-profit to launch a menu that includes the total estimated carbon footprint of each meal.

Nationwide rail blockades could go 'from an inconvenience to a real harm,' says CEO

Murray Mullen, CEO of the Mullen Group, is worried about the impact anti-pipeline protests will have on the economy, referring to Wet'suwet'en solidarity blockades as a form of "eco-terrorism."

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, February 17, 2020

U.S. veteran sues military half-century after classified Cold War disaster

After an American B-52 bomber exploded over Spain in 1966, hundreds of soldiers were deployed to help scrub plutonium from the area. Now, one of those veterans tells us how it feels to be filing a class-action lawsuit against the government a half-century later.

This New York woman built her own rotary cellphone

Justine Haupt, who created her own cellphone with a rotary dial, said she did so because she doesn't like how hyper-connected society is to their phones.

Edmonton honours Kathleen Andrews, the city's 1st female bus driver

Edmonton names its new transit garage after its first female driver, Kathleen Andrews. He daugher, Lisa, also works for the Edmonton Transit Service and says the challenges her mom faced in the '70s helped paved the way for other women.

As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, February 14, 2020

Kenyan farmers traumatized as swarms of locusts devour crops in seconds

Billions of locusts have been tearing across East Africa, decimating crops in their path.

This photo taken in the London Underground wins top wildlife photography prize

London's Natural History Museum awarded Sam Rowley Wildlife Photographer of the Year for his photograph 'Station Squabble.'

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, February 13, 2020