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Sarah Skunk (Last seen in 1986)

Melissa Skunk’s aunt, Sarah, has been missing for nearly thirty years. Her family has never stopped looking, and in the fall of last year, there was a new lead. The facial composite of an unidentified body found in Oregon looked just like Sarah.

RCMP: 70 per cent of murdered indigenous women killed by indigenous men

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson confirms that 70 per cent of the solved murders of indigenous women were committed by indigenous men. That statistic was cited by Aboriginal Affairs Minister Bernard Valcourt at a meeting with Prairie chiefs in March.

Shelly Tannis Dene (Last seen in 2013)

Candice L’hommecourt can’t forget the last words her sister Shelly Dene said to her: “Don’t ever say goodbye.” Those prophetic last words have fuelled her search to find out why her sister disappeared in Edmonton in the summer of 2013.

Maisy Marie Odjick (Last seen in 2008)

The last time Laurie Odjick saw her daughter, Maisy, she was mowing her grandmother’s lawn. It was a Friday and 16-year-old Maisy was going to be sleeping over at her cousin Shannon Alexander’s for the weekend. "I hugged her, and kissed her, told her I loved her and I'd see her later."

Claudette Priscilla June Osborne (Last seen in 2008)

Matthew Bushby still holds out hope that he’ll see his fiancée, Claudette Osborne, again. But he says not knowing what happened to her is “like open heart surgery and them not sewing you up.”

Bev Jacobs on Canada's murdered and missing indigenous women

No one person can speak on behalf of so many, but for years, Bev Jacobs has tried to raise awareness for Canada's missing and murdered women and their families.