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That time a beaver visited As It Happens

A beaver visited the As It Happens studio on Dec. 23, 1974 — and peed all over co-host Al Maitland.

Carol Off and Jeff Douglas answer questions at Sounds of the Season

As It Happens co-hosts Carol Off and Jeff Douglas will be taking live audience questions in Toronto on Dec. 7. Swing on by or check out our live broadcast on Facebook.

50 years of As It Happens: Stories that will make you learn, laugh and cry

Over the last five decades, As It Happens has been there, bringing you the voices at the heart of the stories that have shaped history — and having a few laughs along the way.

Mary Lou Finlay on sparring with Don Cherry

Former AIH host Mary Lou Finlay on what it was like to trade quips with Don Cherry on the radio. (Mallika Viegas/CBC Radio)

Michael Enright's 'Miss Goody Two-Skates' scandal

Amid the '90s media circus around figure skaters Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan, former AIH host Michael Enright started a circus of his own. (Mallika Viegas/CBC Radio)

Barbara Frum's legacy — she 'never lost her cool'

From her interview with a hard-of-hearing cabbage farmer, to the time she mediated a hostage negotiation, Barbara Frum is still one of the most recognized voices on Canadian radio.

Saving Boo Boo

This Arkansas family went to great lengths to save Boo Boo the chicken, even performing "the chicken Heimlich" and mouth-to-beak resuscitation. Here, they speak to AIH guest host Dianne Buckner on Jan. 29, 2007.(Ben Shannon/CBC Radio)

A dramatic rescue

When Georgia firefighter Scott Stroup held his arms open to catch a five-year-old girl dropped from a burning building, he knew that "failure was not an option." Here is an animation of his January 2017 interview with AIH host Carol Off. (Ben Shannon/CBC Radio)

Jeff Douglas, the annoying nephew

This is how As It Happens host Jeff Douglas deals with criticism from listeners.

Carol Off on emotionally difficult interviews

Carol Off on how she covers distressing stories.

Carol Off and Jeff Douglas on 'funny ... but not funny' stories

The As It Happens co-hosts discuss what it's like to cover stories that are kind of silly, but also quite serious.

Comforting a dying soldier

The last thing Cpl. Nathan Cirillo likely heard before he died from a gunshot wound on Parliament Hill on Oct. 22, 2014, was the voice of Barbara Winters telling him he was good, brave and loved. Winters told As It Happens host Carol Off about his final moments.

Bombing in Aleppo

When Dr. Muhammad Waseem Maaz was killed in a 2016 airstrike in Aleppo, he was one of the last pediatricians still working inside the war-torn city. "Who will treat those babies?" his friend and colleague Dr. Abdul Aziz said in an interview with AIH host Carol Off.

How to listen to the As It Happens anniversary special

We're 50 years old, and we're celebrating with special guests, an As It Happens trivia quiz, stories from listeners — and a few surprises.

Iceland's president admits he went 'too far' with threat to ban pineapple pizza

Nearly two years after the president of Iceland drew Canada's ire with his disparaging comments about pineapple pizza, Gudni Johannesson says he regrets his off-the-cuff remarks.

Meet the cellist brothers who made an epic music video cover of the As It Happens theme song

When their mom told them them As It Happens was asking listeners to send in video performances of our iconic opening theme music, Maximilian and Theodor Aoki knew they had to so something truly epic.

A donkey and a beaver storm the As It Happens 50th quiz with pineapple pizza

A donkey and a beaver join quiz master Jeff Douglas, Carol Off, Michael Enright and Tom Power in studio for the As It Happens 50th anniversary quiz.

The most unusual places As It Happens has reached someone

Whether it's a football field or the middle of the ocean, As It Happens always tries to get you as close to the story as possible.

Heroes and survivors: 5 heart-wrenching interviews from As It Happens

Faced with violence, disease and unfathomable loss, ordinary people discover just how extraordinary they really are.

From 'the profound to the profane,' Carol Off says As It Happens is a show about success

From fist-pumping record breakers to doctors risking their lives in Syria, As It Happens host Carol Off explores what success looks like.

Woman who comforted Cpl. Nathan Cirillo urges Canadians to be brave every day in small ways

Four years after the Parliament Hill shooting, Barbara Winters says she still thinks about Cpl. Nathan Cirillo every day.

Hello? 6 times As It Happens got hung up on

As It Happens hosts are chosen for their tenacity and doggedness — qualities some of our guests find off-putting, to say the least.

Man who forgave son's killer reunites with Canadian musician who sang his story

Peter Katz wrote Forgiveness after hearing an As It Happens interview with Michael Berg, an American father who forgive the al-Quada leader who killed his son.

Do you have what it takes to do the As It Happens Theme Song Challenge?

Do you think you can sing the As It Happens theme song better than our own Jeff Douglas? We challenge you to prove it.

Proof the '70s was the strangest decade ever

From reports of alien abductions to the battle for the beaver, here are some of the strangest interviews from an usual show in a very odd decade.

This couple met 43 years ago through a matchmaking segment on As It Happens

When farmer Bob Craigue told As It Happens listeners he was looking for "a proper woman who would enjoy a country life," Karen from Toronto responded.

The top 10 weirdest As It Happens stories of all time

Whether it’s a man who plays classical music on his teeth or a chicken that comes back from the dead, As It Happens is there.

How As It Happens 'saved the beaver'

In the 1970s, a U.S. senator moved to make the beaver the national animal of the state of New York, much to the shock of then-As It Happens producer Mark Starowicz.

That time As It Happens mediated a hostage negotiation on the radio

When Robert McLagan held 11 employees hostage at a Toronto bank on March 21, 1977, then-As It Happens host Barbara Frum and her producers were able to get McLagan, one of his hostages and a police officer on the line as the situation was unfolding live.