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Idaho couple breaks record for fastest time to wrap a person in cling film

David Rush has broken nearly 200 Guinness World Records. And now, with the help of his wife, Jennifer Rush, he's achieved another impressive feat. 

This weekend, David Rush wrapped Jennifer Rush in cling film in 1 minute and 2.44 seconds

David and Jennifer Rush met in university at MIT. They live in Boise, Idaho. (Submitted by David Rush)

David Rush has broken nearly 200 Guinness World Records. And now, with the help of his wife, Jennifer Rush, he's achieved another impressive feat. 

Over the weekend, Rush wrapped his wife — from shoulders to toes — in cling film in one minute and 2.44 seconds.

It's a record-breaking time that knocks nearly 30 seconds off the current record holders. The time still needs to be certified by Guinness. 

"David and I support each other in all sorts of things," Jennifer Rush told As It Happens guest host Nil Köksal. "And this is one of the crazier ones."

It's not the first time the couple has nabbed this record. It took the Boise, Idaho, tech worker one minute and 59 seconds to roll plastic wrap around his wife back in 2019.

But then after someone else broke the record, they had the opportunity to reclaim the honour.

"I'm not sure Jennifer feels compelled to take that title back," David laughed. "But I certainly do."

Listen: David and Jennifer Rush on reclaiming their Guinness world record:

Rush has broken records for throwing the farthest tortilla, running the furthest distance while juggling, and slicing the most grapes on a balance board in one minute

Last year, he told As It Happens host Carol Off why exactly he's smashing such whimsical records.

"I'm using the Guinness World Records titles as a proof point that if you set your mind to a goal, believe in yourself and pursue with a passion, you can accomplish literally anything," he said.

Getting wrapped

David put in lots of practice wrapping Jennifer in plastic to perfect their technique.

At one point, they changed their method by putting a rod through the middle of the plastic wrap, allowing the plastic to unwrap quicker.

"The second big change we made is I started with her sitting down," David said. "So each leg has to be wrapped individually. I started by wrapping a leg that was just hanging there in the air. [Then I'd] switch to the other leg and stand up and then wrap the rest of the body."

"David has spent a lot of nights thinking that through while I was sleeping," Jennifer said.

As for her, she had to get used to the feeling of a secure wrap — meaning no exposed holes, be they skin or clothes, underneath the film.

"We were in a small fishing town and it was really hot and humid," Jennifer said. "And the Saran Wrap is quite constricting."

"I was definitely excited to be done and happy that we had achieved the record."

Breaking records as a family

Throughout her husband's other record-breaking endeavours, Jennifer is usually behind the scenes holding a stopwatch or filling out paperwork.

Around Valentine's Day, they practised breaking a record together as an official team of two. They achieved the fastest time setting up a chess board, in 34.09 seconds.

Jennifer thinks David "sets a great example" for their boys, who are ages two and five.

"They love it. They want to be just like their dad. They're practising their world records and doing things as fast as they can. It's fun to watch."

Written by Mehek Mazhar. Interview with David and Jennifer Rush produced by Katie Geleff.


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