As It Happens

Do you have what it takes to do the As It Happens Theme Song Challenge?

Do you think you can sing the As It Happens theme song better than our own Jeff Douglas? We challenge you to prove it.

Send us a video of yourself singing, humming, whistling or playing our opening music to win AIH swag

The As It Happens Theme Song Challenge

4 years ago
Duration 1:10
Do you think you can do a better cover than our own co-host Jeff Douglas? Prove it!

Over the years, many people have put their own unique spin on As It Happens' opening music. There's the dog who barked along, the "vaporwave" remix and the burlesque performance, to name a few. 

The infectious, percussive sound of Curried Soul by Toronto jazz musician Moe Koffman has been playing in Canadians' cars, kitchens and headphones since 1972. It was remixed for our show in 2013 by Montreal rapper and producer Socalled.

And now we want to hear your version. Do you think you can do a better cover than our own co-host Jeff Douglas? Prove it!

  1. Download our karaoke track here
  2. Record a selfie-style video of yourself performing along to the songSing it, hum it, whistle it, play it, or even just dance along — whatever gets your creative juices flowing.
  3. Email it to with the subject line "Theme Song Challenge" or tweet it with the hashtag #AIH50 by Oct. 21.

Horizontal video is preferred. 

We'll feature our favourite submissions in a compilation video to be released in time for our official 50th anniversary radio special in November. If you make the cut, we'll send you some sweet As It Happens swag in the form of a T-shirt and a tote bag. 


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