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As It Happens: Wednesday Full Episode

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Full Episode Transcript

Part One

Hawaii volcano house loss
A mother discovers that, when her family left their home in Hawaii last week, it was for the last time — because it's been swallowed by a fissure created by the eruption of Kilauea volcano. 

New York Attorney General allegations
Former New York Attorney-General Eric Schneiderman's public persona was that of a progressive champion for women — but after allegations of abuse, he's persona non grata. 

Ford campaign actor
Turns out a bunch of people who showed up to support Ontario PC leader Doug Ford the other night weren't acting on impulse — they were just acting. Chris Riddell is a background actor and a freelance writer, who was among those "paid" fans.

Part Two

Cancer asylum seeker
As an asylum seeker, Taha El Taha already had a tough road ahead. Now that he's been diagnosed with Stage Four cancer, it's even tougher. He wants is for his family to be allowed to visit him in Canada — but authorities have denied their requests for visas. 

Rat-free island
It took a lot of work, but 250 years after they invaded, there are no more gross bald tails — or the rats they were attached to — on the remote island of South Georgia. 

Part Three

Google e-mail
Fortunately, Google is introducing new artificial-intelligence programs that will call people on our behalf, and write entire emails — so we now longer have to worry about "expressing ourselves".

Refugee lifeguard
When a Danish entrepreneur bought a boat to rescue refugees, he was hailed as a hero for his efforts. Except by Greek authorities — who charged him with people smuggling. After two years, he's finally beaten those charges.