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As It Happens: Wednesday Full Episode

Wednesday, May 2, 2018
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Part One

New Brunswick flooding
In New Brunswick, the Saint John River overflows — and while residents stream out of their neighbourhoods to escape the flooding, Markus Harvey is staying home to soak up the experience. 

Gord Brown obit
He arrived at work on Parliament Hill this morning, as he'd done for 15 years. But today, MP Gord Brown died suddenly in his office — and tonight, fellow Conservative Tony Clement fondly remembers his friend. 

Chelmsford church toilet
For 850 years, the congregation at a small church in England have held it in, while holding out hope — there is jubilation, for a porta-potty has finally arrived. 

Part Two

BC home tax meeting
He cancelled one town hall — but BC attorney general David Eby says he'll reschedule, and face those who are angry about the plan to increase school taxes on people with multi-million-dollar properties. 

Armenia protests
In Armenia, tens of thousands of people stage peaceful mass protests in support of an opposition politician — and tonight, they're celebrating their latest victory. 

Part Three

Cardinal Pell charged
First he was accused of covering up a sex scandal within the Catholic church, now Cardinal George Pell, a high-ranking Vatican official, is himself charged with sexual abuse. Phil Nagle, an advocate for survivors of child sex abuse within the church, and a survivor himself, attended the hearing. 

Scottish dog search
A rescue dog named Drogo has been running free on a Scottish island for 7 months now — and his owner Emma Campbell describes everything she's tried to get that good boy to come home. 

BBC doc: Nigeria cough syrup
Reaction from the government and pharmaceutical industry in Nigeria has been swift following a BBC documentary that exposed how some codeine cough syrup is making its way to the streets illegally.