As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Full Episode

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Part One

Puerto Rico power outage
Once again, the power grid has failed in Puerto Rico — and while the island still deals with the effects of Hurricane Maria, our guest fears the arrival of the rainy season. 

Southwest emergency landing: pilot friend
When chaos erupted on a Southwest Airlines plane yesterday, the cockpit was calm and focused — and we'll hear about the pilot who kept it that way: Captain Tammie Jo Shults.

California tumbleweed
After a surprise invasion, parts of Victorville, California are under siege, and underneath — and the question is: how did so many of these tumbleweeds get there, and bury so much of the town? 

Part Two

Barbara Bush obit
Her former president husband jokingly called her "The Enforcer" — and one of the founders of a hospice for babies with HIV remembers the late Barbara Bush as a force of compassion and change. 

Bitcoin heist
First he took off with the virtual currency, and then he took off — and now, Icelanders are wondering how a suspected Bitcoin thief escaped from prison and joined the country's prime minister on a flight to Sweden. 

Part Three

Detained American
The Trump Administration says a U.S. citizen identified as "John Doe" is with ISIS. He's in prison in Iraq. Now, his lawyer is fighting to prevent him from being sent to an unnamed third country. 

Enzymes plastic
While researching an enzyme that eats plastic, scientists inadvertently make it even more effective — and now, when it comes to consuming packaging, it's the total package.