As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Full Episode

April 11, 2018

Full Episode Transcript

Part One

Rachel Notley
Alberta Premier Rachel Notley tells us that, if the Prime Minister agrees the TransMountain pipeline is in the national interest, it's time for him to put the financial squeeze on BC to make it happen. 

Keswick dental disaster
Three years ago, Lee Schwaderer of Keswick, Ontario needed several teeth extracted. But the dental surgeon extracted every single tooth in his mouth. Which was not the plan. At all. Now he's suing.

Black metal campers
A camping trip comes to a grinding halt for a group of heavy metal fans, when the police show up to interrupt what they thought was a dark ritual — only to find a bright campfire. 

Part Two

France on Syria
U.S. President Donald Trump's tweets about targeting Syria suggest he's ready to take Emmanuel Macron's advice, so we ask one of the French President's MPs what kind of reprisals to expect. 

Mitzi Shore obit
If Mitzi Shore saw you do stand-up and gave you the green light, you were laughing — and tonight, one comic remembers her experience with the late, legendary owner of LA's Comedy Store. 

Part Three

Mohammed Bin Salman lawsuit
While the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is visiting France, lawyers file suit against him on behalf of activists in Yemen. 

Winnipeg urban reserve
It took 14 years of court battles and confusion. But finally, the federal government and seven Treaty One First Nations have reached an agreement on some prime Winnipeg real estate. 

Taylor Ruck swim record
Seventeen-year-old Taylor Ruck is returning to Canada after a record-breaking performance at the Commonwealth Games in Australia.