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As It Happens: Wednesday Full Episode

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

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Part One

Pope: no residential school apology
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and the Prime Minister, have both asked the Pope apologize for the Catholic Church's role in running residential schools — and now he says he's sorry, but he can't. 

Peter Munk obit
The late Peter Munk became a very rich man after founding the world's largest gold-mining company — and then turned his focus to sharing the wealth. 

Wooden BBQ brush
When it comes to getting the gunk off your barbecue, would-be inventor Jason Janes decides wood would be better than brushes with dangerous wire bristles — and now he's cleaning up. 

Part Two

Right whale deaths
After 12 right whales die in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the federal government announces new regulations for the waters — and our guest says the changes are better late than never. 

Free-range parenting
A new law in Utah will allow parents to allow their kids greater freedom — and one state senator explains why he supports "free-range parenting". 

Part Three

Australian mummy re-discovered
Australian archaeologist Jamie Fraser tells us about discovering the remains of a mummy inside an Egyptian coffin that no one had opened for 150 years. 

Lost Amazon settlements
A new study suggests that as many as a million people may have lived in one part of the Amazon Rainforest more than 700 years ago. 

Non-profit grocery store
Thanks to the Salvation Army, residents of East Baltimore no longer have to undertake a long journey to get to the grocery store. There's a new one — and it's a non-profit.