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As It Happens: Wednesday Full Episode

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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Part One

Facebook App Data
It's written all over your Facebook. Cambridge Analytica got caught for mining data from the social-media site — but our guest says grabbing your info is easy and common. And he should know: he could have done it, but didn't. 

Fond-du-Lac Crisis
Months after a plane fell to earth near Fond-du-Lac, Saskatchewan, the chief of the First Nations community is asking for more support — because the trauma has triggered a number of suicides. 

Sexy Dinosaurs
"Are you the Mesozoic Orchestra? Because your horn section is gorgeous." Turns out there was a point to the points on the heads of dinosaurs with horns: to make those dinos super-sexy. 

Part Two

Austin Bomber Dead
The suspected serial bomber who was terrorizing Austin, Texas was killed last night — and tonight, we'll find out what officials know about the man.

Newfoundland Dolphins Stuck
They'll go with the wind — or be gone without it. At least half a dozen dolphins are trapped by ice off Heart's Delight, Newfoundland — and people there are hoping a change of wind will change their fortunes. 

Part Three

Trans Softball Players
Recovering the bases. Because of one Edmonton softball coach, leagues across the country are reassessing their policy on transgender players. Pete Howell explains how a question from his stepdaughter got him asking questions. 

Brewer Hops Research
Hops are great in beer, but not great for the environment — so now, after several drafts, scientists have created a beer that tastes great without them.

Tonga Rugby Ban 
When the government of Tonga abruptly bans girls from playing the country's national sport, it hits people hard. Including, as we'll hear, the woman who coaches a national women's rugby team.