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Canadian musician Danny Michel buys 'Star Trek' boogie van

To boldly go where no van has gone before. Canadian musician Danny Michel is the new owner of the infamous '70s 'Star Trek' boogie van we profiled on the show recently -- and he plans to take it to warp factor nine.
The infamous '70s 'Star Trek' boogie van has been sold to Canadian musician Danny Michel. (Left photo: Courtesy of Brian Geddes; Right publicity photo: Ilia Horsburgh)

A couple of weeks ago, we spoke to Brian Geddes. The Vancouver man was selling his van -- and not just any van: this is a tricked out, 1978 GMC airbrushed with images from the original Star Trek series.

Well, after receiving international attention, Geddes has finally sold the van -- to well-known Canadian singer-songwriter Danny Michel. 

“Everyone was laughing [at it], but I looked a little closer and I realized that this was a great vehicle,” Michel tells As It Happens host Carol Off. “It sat in storage for 33 years and it has 25,000 kilometres on it. I just thought this is kinda too good to pass up.”

Michel was a child when the car was manufactured, but he bought the car based only on the photos that Geddes sent him.

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      "The absurdity of it is what everyone is finding so hilarious," he continues. ““The inside is all candy apple red plush velvet and it has an octagon steering wheel ... and mint. Everything is just so clean and wonderful.”

      Michel, a Juno and Polaris prize nominee, plans to take that boogie van where no van has gone before. He’s taking it on tour with him this June.

      "I also want to create a web-based music show, where I have a musical guest on in each city... and then they would perform a song in the van," he says.

      He wouldn't officially confirm who might be with him on the tour -- only that there are some “big names” already lined-up. With some prodding, Michel says astronaut Chris Hadfield likes the van and will "come join [him] at some point." Also, Dartmouth's Joel Plaskett has expressed interest.

      Michel says he plans to hit Vulcan, Alberta early on in the tour.