As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, January 12, 2022.

Episode Transcript

Part One

Truckers vaccination deadline
A spokesperson for the trucking industry wastes no time telling us that a cross-border vaccine mandate for her colleagues could mean delays for consumers. 

Canada Taiwan free trade
China may not be happy that Canada's talking trade with Taiwan, but our guest says the tale of the two Michaels taught us it's a mistake to be too dependent on Beijing. 

Newfoundland dancing dog
We hear from a Newfoundland dog owner whose pooch has a penchant for dance — and whose headbanging is particularly fetching. 

Part Two 

Montreal Haiti journalist killed
A Haitian journalist tells us about the moment two of his friends were gunned down while reporting from outside Port-au-Prince — and says if he'd been there, he'd likely be dead too. 

Neil Peart tribute
A Rush fan is honouring the band's late drummer Neil Peart in suitably rhythmic form — with a 24-minute, 175-song mashup that's sure to drum up support. 

Part Three

Montreal potato donation
Everyone: starch your engines. While Canada and the U.S. hash it out over what to do about potatoes from PEI, a Montreal man finds a good use for 5,000 bags of spuds.

Met opera weekend 
The Met stages four operas in 48 hours — part of a pandemic season without a single cancellation. We'll ask a journalist who was there for all four how the performers are doing it — and how he did it.