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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Oct. 27, 2021

Episode Transcript
Part One

N BC Chiefs Emergency Drugs Overdose
The chief of a First Nation in northern BC says people in her community are dying "on a daily basis" because of opioids -- so she and other Indigenous leaders are declaring a state of emergency.

COP26 Youth Activist
Propitious cycle. A 16-year-old British climate activist wants her voice heard at COP26, but she's not about to board a gas-guzzling vehicle. So she's cycling more than 900 kilometres to Glasgow. 

Rare Penis Plant Blooms
A peek behind the leaf. A botanical garden in the Netherlands is offering a rare package deal -- so crowds are flocking to witness the rare bloom of the so-called "penis plant".   

Part Two

Haiti Gangs Rule
Over a barrel. Gangs in Haiti are blocking fuel from getting to the people who need it, saying shipments will only be released when the prime minister resigns.

Mort Sahl Obit 
He ruled with an ironic fist. The late Mort Sahl was the king of stand-up satire -- setting a new course for comedy in the '50s and '60s with his biting brand of political and social commentary.

Part Three

Chicago Blackhawks Sexual Assault 
Eyes on the prize. An investigation into how the Chicago Blackhawks handled allegations of sexual misconduct by a player in 2010 has uncovered that management delayed taking action to focus on winning the Stanley Cup.

Swimmer Maggie MacNeil
Strokes of luck. When the pandemic started, swimmer Maggie MacNeil was training at home in her parents' backyard pool. Now she's just been named Best Female Athlete of Tokyo 2020.