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Episode Transcript

Part One

NS Border Protest
A trucker who spent 12 hours stuck at the New Brunswick/Nova Scotia border tells us he's tired of political fights over COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Iain Rankin: NS Travel
Bursting their bubble. We ask Nova Scotia Premier Iain Rankin about his eleventh-hour decision to restrict travel from New Brunswick --  and the protests that decision ignited.

Kingston Teacher Check-in
The virtual reality. As school winds down, we check in with an Ontario high school teacher whose biggest fear last fall was crowded classrooms -- until remote learning moved in, and stayed.

Part Two

Encampments: Toronto Response 
Tents situation. The City of Toronto defends its move to evict people living in an encampment in a downtown park -- and says, despite the show of police force, that it's genuinely trying to help them. 

Tasmanian Devils Reintroduced 
The devils in the details. Researchers in Australia say efforts by conservation authorities to save endangered Tasmanian devils are endangering other species in the process.

Part Three

Encore: Perdita Felicien
As athletes prepare for one of the strangest summer Olympics ever, world-champion hurdler and two-time Olympian, Perdita Felicien, is preparing to cover all its ups and downs, as part of the CBC's broadcast team for the Games. Ms. Felicien wrote about the power of her mother's encouragement and support in a recent memoir "My Mother's Daughter." Both mother and daughter spoke with Carol earlier this spring. We'll have an encore presentation.



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