As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

May 19, 2021

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Part One

Shamattawa Emergency
A northern Manitoba First Nation declares a state of emergency after multiple attempted suicides -- and the Chief says it's a "colonizers' system" that prevents his people from healing.

Right Whale Snow Cone 
Fit to be untied. A biologist explains the elaborate rescue effort, involving everything from spotter planes to high-risk blades, to free Snow Cone the right whale from some fishing line.

After a silent 2020, the Eurovision Song Contest is making a full-throated return, and one of the competitors tells us how exactly that's possible right now. 

Part Two

Israeli/Palestinian Intl
A former U.S.-Middle East peace negotiator tells us it's long past time for Joe Biden to forcefully demand an end to Israeli strikes, and Hamas rocket attacks. 

Hassan Diab Decision 
A Canadian academic who was accused in a 1980 bombing in Paris was sent home to Ottawa from France, due to a lack of evidence -- but now, France says Hassan Diab must stand trial anyway.

Part Three

AB Vaccine in MO
An Alberta woman explains why she and her husband crossed the border to get a COVID-19 vaccine from the Blackfeet Tribe in Montana.

PEI Anne of Green Gables
A Japanese-Canadian living on Prince Edward Island tells us why tourists from her homeland remain so enamored of Anne Shirley -- and how she's helping to bring the Green Gables experience to them, pandemic and all.