As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

April 7, 2021

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Part One

Ontario Vaccine Postal Codes
Ontario says it's rushing to get shots in arms, but new data reveals they're being distributed unevenly -- and it's not those most in need who are getting the needle.

Netherlands Van Gogh Heist
Van Gone. Dutch police have caught the man they say is responsible for the heist of two paintings. including a Van Gogh -- but the artworks themselves are still nowhere to be found. 

Crate Man 
Bin voyage. In 1965, our guest climbed into a wooden crate in Australia to be shipped to England -- and all these years later, he's searching for the two friends who sent him packing.

Part Two

Italy Journalist Phone Taps
An Italian journalist covering migration says prosecutors spent months illegally wiretapping her conversations with source,s and her own lawyer -- in a case that had nothing to do with her. 

Thames Mudlarkers
A mud enthusiast in England dashes to a drained canal to mine its dirty secrets.

Part Three

Greenland Election
Greenland is sitting on a huge supply of Rare Earth metals covetted around the world. But an election there has now produced an equally rare shift in political power...and an uncertain future. 

Paper Bag Covid Art
It's not his first rodeo… Saddled with a whole lot of free time during his hotel quarantine, an art director makes himself a trusty steed out of paper bags.