As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Feb. 10, 2021

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Part 1

W.H.O China Investigation

Limping to conclusions. A team of WHO researchers wraps up its investigation into the origins of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China -- and our guest says the shortage of definitive answers is exactly what China wants.

Curling Bonspiel Event 

On the rink of disaster. A Calgary doctor releases a study about a COVID-19 outbreak at an Alberta curling tournament last March. And it's personal -- because he was there, and he was infected. 

Skeleton Guitar

A Florida heavy-metal musician explains how and why he made a guitar out of the skeleton of his late uncle Filip -- who he insists wouldn't have fretted about having frets. 

Part 2 

Florida Water Hack

Residents of a Florida city are horrified to learn a hacker intended to poison their water supply with lye -- and a cyber security expert says it's shocking, but not completely surprising. 

Yukon Backyard Curling

Hurry hardwood. A couple living off-grid in the Yukon bush are keeping warm tossing wooden logs around a DIY curling rink they built along the Klondike River. Yes, we have a second curling story. It's winter in Canada.

Part 3 

3D Ribeyes

Meet your maker...of meat. An Israeli company says its 3-D, lab-grown, bio-printed ribeye steak is cruelty-free and flavour-rich -- and the CEO explains why his rare product is so well-done. 


An element that's out of its element. A team of chemists from Berkeley unveils new findings on Einsteinium -- an element so rare it doesn't naturally exist on Earth, and so persnickety it disappears as it's being worked on.