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As It Happens: Wednesday edition

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

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Part One

Impeachment: Former Republican
A former GOP strategist tells us about Republican support for U-S President Donald Trump's historic second impeachment — support that he fully supports.

Ontario lockdown rules
A Globe and Mail columnist says Ontario's premier may be talking tough about new COVID restrictions — but the exceptions make you wonder about the rules. 

UK show jumping pigs
A UK woman trains two piglets to clear small hurdles, like tiny plump show jumpers — and says Molly and Polly didn't need much instruction before it was oinkers away. 

Part Two

Michigan open carry
  A Michigan lawmaker is disturbed that it took the attack on the U.S. Capitol for her state to ban the open-carry of guns in the legislature — and says she still doesn't feel safe. 

Mafia trial
A massive mafia trial that began today in Italy includes 350 defendants, 900 witnesses, and 24-thousand hours of intercepted conversations.

Part Three

German Catholic sex abuse
Catholic church officials in Germany asked reporters for their "absolute silence" about the contents of a report on child sexual abuse.

UK bison hiring 
Conservationists are looking to hire a pair of bison rangers to help reintroduce a wild herd in the UK — but since none have existed there for six thousand years, experienced applicants aren't quite stampeding for the job.