As It Happens

As it Happens: Wednesday Edition

As it Happens: Wednesday Edition


Part One

Christine Elliott
Ontario's Auditor General finds delay, conflict, and confusion in the province's response to COVID-19 — but Health Minister Christine Elliott takes issue with the just-issued report. 

Vaccine manufacturing
The Prime Minister admits Canadians won't be first in line for a COVID-19 vaccine, in part because we won't be the ones producing it.

Fred Sasakamoose obit
The late Fred Sasakamoose had a short NHL career with a huge impact — smoothing a path for other Indigenous hockey players with a shot at the big leagues. 

Part Two

Toronto strip search
Toronto Police finally make changes to when, how, and how often strip searches are conducted — changes former mayor John Sewell has been demanding for years.

David Dinkins obit
New York City's first Black mayor has died. A former aide tells us what it was like in the city when David Dinkins made his historic win and why he feels history hasn't treated him fairly. 

Part Three

Egypt human rights arrests
He was an advocate for victims of unjustified detention in Egypt. Now, he's the one who's been thrown in jail.

Darwin notebooks 
When two notebooks belonging to Charles Darwin went missing, Cambridge University Library staff assumed they were misshelved. Now, a new theory has emerged.