As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Nov. 18, 2020

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Part One

Vancouver drug decriminalization
Vancouver's mayor says his city already sees drug addiction as a health issue, not a crime — so it's time Ottawa allowed it to stop policing users. 

Halifax Mi'kmaq name
Halifax's former poet laureate says it's time for her community to fix all the places there still using an outdated spelling and mispronunciation of Mi'kmaq.

Birmingham pub bombings
It's been 46 years since our guest lost her sister in the deadly pub bombing in Birmingham, England. Tonight, she'll tell us how she feels about the news that police have made an arrest.

Part Two

Ethiopia government
The press secretary for Ethiopia's Nobel Peace Prize-winning leader tells us the Prime Minister is as determined as ever to continue the military push that has already displaced tens of thousands.

Rockefeller X-mas tree
There's a lot of mockery being directed at the giant, lopsided Christmas tree adorning New York's Rockefeller Centre — but the woman whose family donated it says it's just going through an awkward tree-nage phase. 

Part Three

Val-d'Or caribou
A First Nation in Quebec hopes a new report on how to save a threatened caribou herd will finally result in government action — before its too late.

Super recognizers 
A group of researchers in Australia test the human capacity to accurately remember faces — work they say could have big consequences.