As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Nov. 11, 2020


Part One

Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmaker
A pro-democracy lawmaker whose expulsion from the Hong Kong legislature prompted today's mass resignations says he pledged allegiance to one country, two systems — and he'll keep fighting for that. 

Murder hornet queens
Experts in Washington state say they destroyed a so-called "murder hornet" nest just in time — after finding dozens of future queens.

Spanish art restoration
A Spanish painting conservator is down in the mouth about her country's latest botched restoration: a statue that began as a beautiful woman, and now resembles a cartoon Donald Trump.

Part Two

Airline bailout
A man who runs an airline in Newfoundland and Labrador tells us why he believes Canada's national carriers deserve our understanding — and a big bailout.

Australia new mammals
Researchers in Australia have made the unlikely discovery of two new species of an arboreal marsupial — that have been above their heads and right under their noses all along.

Part Three

Tim Cook feature 
Military historian Tim Cook says when it comes to Canada's efforts to recall its Second World War history, we've had more than a few omissions. He chronicles those lapses — and his efforts to make sense of them — in his new book, The Fight For History

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