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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Nov. 4, 2020

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Part One

U.S. election: Pennsylvania Democrat
With U.S. President Donald Trump baselessly accusing Pennsylvania of making thousands of his votes "disappear," an election commissioner in the state tells us how she and her colleagues are dealing with the scrutiny. 

U.S. election: Florida Republican
Donald Trump dashes Democratic hopes of securing Florida's electoral college votes — and a Republican organizer says that's because the U.S. President listened to what conservative Latinos had to say.

Ukraine official borscht
A chef in Kyiv argues persuasively that borscht is without a doubt Ukrainian, and definitely not Russian. Now, he just needs to convince UNESCO that the soup deserves official recognition.

Part Two

Ottawa medical officer of health
In Ontario, COVID cases are on the rise, but restrictions are being eased — and Ottawa's medical officer of health believes it's time to take a new approach.

U.S. polling accuracy
There's a one hundred per cent chance American pollsters will keep getting it partly wrong. Which means our Democratic pollster guest will keep living in a seeing-red state. 

Part Three

Christine Todd Whitman
A former New Jersey governor who led a group of Republicans campaigning against Donald Trump says she has a hard time understanding how more than 60-million people voted for the President.

Self-test HIV
Health Canada has approved the country's first self-test for HIV, which our guest says could reach some of the thousands of Canadians who are living with the virus don't know it.