As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Oct. 28, 2020

Part One

Quebec Indigenous health
A new health clinic for Indigenous people in Joliette, Quebec opens to overwhelming demand, after a dying woman's video raises the alarm about discrimination at the local hospital. 

Cameroonian immigration
He got a last-minute reprieve from deportation by the U.S., but now a Cameroonian asylum seeker is stuck in Texas — even though he's been offered a chance to plead his case in Canada.

U.S. election former Democrat
A U.S. voter who quit the Democrats in 2016 tells us Black Americans need a new party — and he intends to start organizing one, on November 4th.

Part Two

Moose meat food bank
A hunter and a vegetarian convince the government of Newfoundland and Labrador to launch a pilot project: supplying moose meat to food banks.

Waikiki film
Hawaii may be a dream destination for many, but a new film by a native Hawaiian shines a light into some of the state's darker corners — and asks who, exactly, its utopia is for. 

Part Three

Poland abortion protests
We hear from one of the thousands of protesters who've taken to the streets of Poland to demand access to safe abortions after the country's already strict laws about the procedure got even stricter. 

New Barrier Reef 
Researchers have discovered a never-before-seen part of the Great Barrier Reef, which is huge! For a number of reasons including how huge it is…