As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Oct. 21, 2020

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Part One

WE Confidence vote: Peter Julian
After the Trudeau government narrowly survives a vote that could have forced Canadians into a pandemic election, we ask NDP House Leader Peter Julian why his party supported the Liberals.

COVID testing MPP
As parts of Toronto see alarmingly high rates of COVID, one Ontario MPP says his riding is being left behind in testing — despite his pleas for help.

Nigeria protests
A protest against police brutality turns brutal. A protester in Lagos tells us about what he describes as a massacre when the Nigerian military opened fire on their demonstration.

Part Two

Canadians in Hong Kong
A Chinese-Canadian working in Hong Kong says recent, pointed advice to Ottawa from a Chinese diplomat was both "threatening" and "outrageous".

Compton guaranteed income
As community leaders in the California city launch a guaranteed-income pilot project, Compton's mayor says a program like this really could have helped her family when she was growing up.

Part Three

Uganda female taxis
The Covid-19 crisis meant she lost her store in Kampala. So our guest decided to start Uganda's first all-female cab company — Diva Taxi.

Slow loris research 
Slow lorises combine big-eyed innocence with a flesh-rotting venom that new research reveals they are more than willing to use on other slow lorises — and you too.