As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Sept. 9, 2020

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Part One

Moria fire
A devastating blaze at the Moria refugee camp in Greece has left thousands without food or a place to go — and an aid worker tells us the situation couldn't get any worse. 

Academy Best Picture
The creator of the the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag reflects on the Acadmy's new diversity standards for Best Picture contenders — and whether they'll make a difference, or just make people mad.

Ann Cleeves: Bibliotherapists
Ann Cleeves believes in the power of reading as remedy, because books helped heal her own hurt — which is why the British crime writer is financing two full-time "bibliotherapists" in a part of England with a storied past.

Part Two

California fires latest
They fled the Creek Fire in California on the weekend — and now, our guest says he has no idea where he and his family will sleep tonight, because the hotels are too full, and too expensive. 

Scholars Strike
A Toronto academic joins hundreds of others in a Scholars Strike against police brutality — and tells us what she and her colleagues across the continent are hoping to accomplish.

Part Three

U.S. Election: Battle Creek
A Black community activist in Battle Creek, Michigan, says both candidates for U-S president will need to overcome the sense among some voters that it hardly matters which of them wins.

Cracked teeth dentist 
A dentist goes public about what she says is a steep increase in tooth fractures. And she says the effect the pandemic is having on our teeth shouldn't be brushed aside.