As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Aug. 26, 2020

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Part One

Nunavut MP tour
An MP in Nunavut wants Ottawa to pay attention to the housing crisis in the territory, where people are "living in mould boxes" — and sleeping in beds that get frozen to the walls. 

Kenosha shooting
An alleged militia member has been arrested after a fatal shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin last night — but a local organizer tells us he's afraid that won't stop the violence that's raging in his city. 

Elaine Roulet obit
The late Elaine Roulet worked to keep incarcerated women and their families connected. A former inmate describes how the Catholic nun helped her and her daughter.

Part Two

CSC solitary committee
A federal advisory panel that was supposed to oversee the end of solitary confinement has ended itself — and according to the panel's chair, it was "powerless" to do its work, because the Correctional Service of Canada wouldn't cooperate.

Germany dumpster diving 
After Germany's top court upholds a law against dumpster-diving, the lawyer for the two women who challenged it says the ruling is a load of rubbish.