As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

June 24, 2020

Episode Transcript

Part One

Chief Allan Adam Update
Charges against Chief Allan Adam have been dropped. But he says it's not enough that he's no longer facing the prospect of prison time, after he was tackled and beaten by an RCMP officer. He wants to see the force make dramatic changes to address systematic racism.

RCMP Committee
Fuzzy answer. NDP MP Charlie Angus weighs in on the RCMP Commissioner's newfound belief that there is systemic racism in the force, and her failure last night to offer MPs and example. 

Barbers Busy
"It feels like the first day back at school after summer vacation" - Barbershops and hair salons are now open in Toronto, and people are flocking to them. We'll hear from one barbershop owner who's trying to keep up with the demand for haircuts.

Part Two

Scrabble Debate
The word earns points, but it causes pain. The head of a North American Scrabble group says offensive slurs shouldn't be allowed on the board anymore -- and he tells us why that's caused so much debate in the Scrabble world.

Croc Eats Lawnmower 
Our pick from the archives: An angry Australian curmudgeon took "get off my lawn" past the point of yelling from his porch: because he's a crocodile, he just attacked the lawnmower and only lost a couple of teeth.

Part Three

Sixties Scoop Map
When Sixties Scoop survivors were taken from their families, they ended up hundreds and sometimes thousands of kilometres from their birth families. Now some of those survivors have teamed up to map those separations and to facilitate new homecomings. 

Kidney Donations
Sixteen years after her late husband saved four lives with his donated organs, our guest has saved one of those lives ... all over again. We hear from her and her family's twice-lucky beneficiary.