As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

June 10, 2020


Part One

Sweden PM Cold Case
A shot in the dark, that left Swedes in the dark. It took 34 years for prosecutors to crack the case of who killed Prime Minister Olof Palme. A close aide to the assassinated Prime Minister tells us what today's stunning breakthrough means to Sweden, and to him.

Sydney Loney Update
 In March, journalist Sydney Loney shared the shock and stress of having her cancer surgery put off by the Covid-19 crisis. Now, after weeks in limbo, there's good news.

Cops Cancelled
After more than thirty years of bringing gritty police takedowns into people's living rooms, the TV show 'Cops' has been cancelled. We reach a campaigner who fought long and hard to see this day. 

Part Two

Ontario Daycare Opening
Ontario daycares are set to open Friday. But one daycare provider tells us the province gave her little notice, hardly any guidance...and it's education minister's threat of big fines isn't helping either.

Bullfrog Meow 
From our archives: even a large omnivorous amphibian can't consume mules or whales, but the one on "As It Happens" in 1980 produced mewls and wails -- and weirded everyone out with its bizarre meowing.

Part Three

Old Theatre Found
Archaeologists in London think they may have found the remains of the "earliest Elizabethan playhouse," called the Red Lion. The director of the excavation tells us why he calls it "one of the most extraordinary sites" he has ever worked on. 

Saudi Women Escape
We revisit our award-winning coverage of one woman's dangerous journey from Saudi Arabia to Canada, and the secretive network that helped make it happen. 

Pink Flamingo
The pinker the meaner - a new study finds that the deeper the pink hue in flamingos, the more aggressive they are and the lead author says this knowledge could help us take better care of flamingos in captivity.