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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

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Part One

Death of David McAttee
Louisville, Kentucky is in mourning once again this week, after police shot and killed a beloved local chef. We reach a city councilman who says … given past police conduct ... he has trouble believing their account of how David McAttee died. 

Regina Profiling
Christian Mbanza was surprised when friends flagged a social media post warning about a black man breaking into a vehicle. Because the images were of him opening his own car

Birdsong Research
Throughout May, a museum director in Germany asked people to wake-up early in the newly quiet world and collect the sounds of birds. Now, he has thousands of recordings of the dawn chorus -- from beaks around the globe. 

Part Two

Migrant Workers
One migrant worker is dead; hundreds of others are COVID-positive. And an advocate for Ontario's temporary farm workers says many more are at risk.

Attack Sheep
From our archives, instead of just milling about the meadow, the attack sheep trained by a British farm worker became a ruthless security force -- and it behooved any local thieves to avoid being hooved.

Part Three

WHO and China
In the early days of the pandemic the World Health Organization publicly praised China for its cooperation. But our guest says there's more to the story.

Bell Telus 5G
Bell and Telus announce partnerships with European telecoms companies as they look to build their 5G networks, leaving Huawei out of the deals. We hear from a former national security analyst about what this means for the Chinese firm's role in Canada's next generation wireless networks. 

Fraser institute Four Day Week
The pandemic slowdown has renewed calls for a four-day work week in Canada. And now, even some on the more conservative end of the spectrum say it might be possible -- and preferable to the traditional Monday to Friday.