As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

May 13, 2020

Episode Transcript

Part One

NS Shooting Neighbour
Red flags: Brenda Forbes lived not far from the Portapique shooter, Gabriel Wortman. She says she knew he was assaulting his girlfriend and that he had illegal firearms -- and she told the police. She tells us what she saw then and how difficult it has been now to watch how the story ended.

South Korea LGBT COVID-19 
South Korea's gay community is blamed after an outbreak in a popular nightclub district -- spreading fear not just about the virus… but about a rise of homophobia in the conservative country.

1080 Skateboarder
We hear from an 11-year-old in Brazil, who made skateboarding history by completing a 1080 degree turn on a vertical ramp. He'll tell us how he did it and how it feels to outdo his heroes.

Part Two and Three

As It Happens 2019 Weird Heroes
We pay tribute to an entire year of utterly unlikely heroes - including a woman who saved the rest of us the trouble of finding out why its better not to put a live octopus on your face.