As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

April 22, 2020

Part One

COVID Restrictions: PEI
Prince Edward Island's premier tells us he's confident his province will be the first to emerge from COVID-19 restrictions -- and sooner than you might think.   

High River COVID Outbreak
It was told the meat plant was safe. Now an Alberta union wants an investigation into decisions that allowed COVID-19 to kill one woman and infect hundreds of others.

Boston Strog Runner
With the Boston Marathon cancelled, one nurse decided to run 42 kilometres...with a twist. 

Part Two

Hugh Acheson - Georgia
A chef and restaurateur in the state of Georgia has some serious reservations about the governor's plan to re-open restaurants. He tells us that's not an order he plans to take.

Singing Dogs
The "As It Happens" archives are echoing with the voices of two dogs from our past -- each of whom seemed to believe, despite the evidence, that when it came to singing, they were nothing short of Andrea Poochelli.

Part Three

Encore: Michael Christie
In honour of Earth Day, we revisit Carol's conversation with Michael Christie whose novel Greenwood traces the roots of several generations in a family whose members all have a direct connection to trees in one way or another.