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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, February 12, 2020
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Part One

Idlib: latest
Thousands are fleeing violence in Syria's Idlib province. But Turkey has closed its border to them. Dr. Mohamad Abrash is trying to help them.

Roger Stone sentencing
Federal prosecutors wanted to lock Roger Stone away for years. But the U.S. Justice Department stepped in — instead proposing a lighter sentence for the U.S. President's friend. Former federal prosecutor Jennifer Rodgers says it's a dark day for justice. 

Science jargon
A new study finds confusing jargon makes people lose interest in science stories — and in science all together. 

Part Two

Christie Blatchford obit
Her fans — and even her detractors — remember the award-winning Canadian journalist as unflinching.  Her friend and fellow court reporter Sam Pazzano reflects on the straight-shooting honesty of the crime columnist.

Newspaper owner
When he hears California's oldest weekly newspaper was about to shut down, a retired tech worker steps in to restart the presses. 

Part Three

Amazon carbon
The Amazon rainforest used to be the world's biggest carbon sink. But researchers say it could become a major carbon emitter if we don't act fast.

Office plants study
Researchers say having a potted plant on your desk can help relieve workplace stress... even if you only gaze at it 3 minutes a day.