As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Jan. 29, 2020

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Part One

Ottawa streaming
Canada's tried to bring the digital landscape up to date for years. Now our guest says she knows how to do what many have failed to: Make companies like Netflix and Spotify play by the rules. 

Rohingya education
They had to go to school in secret. But now Rohingya children in refugee camps can get an education in the open. Raees Tinmaung of the Rohingya Human Rights Network says the change has left him overjoyed.

Kinsmen bingo mess
The prize for the Kinsman charity Bingo in Manitoba is at a record high. And that's made some people so eager to buy playing cards, they're even stalking the couriers delivering them to shops.

Part Two

Death camp photos
Almost NO evidence was left of the Sobibor death camp. But now newly released photographs show a chilling portait of Nazi life on the inside.

Cesspit find
Archaeologists in London dug through thick green sludge in a centuries-old cesspool — essentially, an ancient toilet. And it turned out to be just the right place to look.

Part Three

NYC cashless business
New York City Councilman Richie Torres says when businesses go cashless, there's a lot more lost than spare change. He explains what the real cost is and what he's doing to stop it.

Rockies lakes colour
Lakes in the Alberta Rockies are famous for their bright blue colour that almost seems too perfect to be real. But that's changing and a biologist who's keeping an eye on them tells us why.