As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Dec. 04, 2019

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Part One

Mexico: Canadian missing
Frustrated by uncooperative police, an Ontario woman undertakes her own investigation — and finds disturbing clues about what happened before her father vanished in Mexico. 

NATO Trudeau tape
  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke grandly about Canada's commitment to NATO — but all anyone wants to talk about today is the footage of him gossiping about Donald Trump.

Electric eel tree
This year, the Christmas tree at the Tennessee Aquarium is being powered by an electric eel — and its keeper hopes the kids will see that the tree and her beloved fish are "lit". 

Part Two

Buffalo bishop abuse
Siobhan O'Connor blew the whistle on a Buffalo bishop, by leaking documents showing a he kept a secret list of clergy accused of sexual abuse. Now, the bishop has resigned.

Howard Cruse obit
Panel by panel, the late artist Howard Cruse told stories that had never been told before in that medium — which is why he was called "the godfather of queer comics". 

Part Three

Logging roads report
Trevor Hesselink  is the author of a new report reviewing a particular kind of damage from forestry, called "Logging Scars". He says that damage is more far-reaching than it looks — and more needs to be done to prevent it. 

Chechen separatist murder
In August, Zemlimkhan Khangoshvili was murdered in broad daylight in a Berlin park. Now, German authorities are saying that his killing was an assassination, ordered by Russia or Chechnya.